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Coding Classes

AI, ML, DSA, Data Analysis, Java, Python, C++, BlueJ (ICSE classes 9th 10th), NCF 2023.

Unix, Linux, Computer Graphics, Digital Marketing.

Career Counselling in IT.

Online Personalized Mentorship Program for Brilliant Students (Class 5th onward).

Coding Classes

Math Classes

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.
(NCERT | CBSE) (Online | Offline)

We believe that all students have the potential to master math and excel in it.
Our goal is to help each one of you develop love for math.

We offer a comprehensive range of math classes for school going kids.

Math Classes

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Python for Bignners

Python for Beginners

This is an entry level course meant for anyone who wants to learn programming/ coding. This course requires no previous knowledge of any programming language like C, C++ , Java  etc. Python can be learnt easily by varied age groups like school children, college students (with or without computer background ) or anyone who is simply interested in learning coding.

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Learn & Master Programming in Java

This course is aimed at helping class 9th and 10th students studying in ICSE board. This course helps with the coding practice using BLUEJ environment. It can be taken by anyone who is new to JAVA programming language and wants to improve their coding skills. Watch these videos for free or join our unique course for an in depth understanding of coding with Java in BlueJ.

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Learn and Master java


Class 10 | Board Exam | BlueJ | Section A | Questions/Answers

This course is especially helpful for students of class 9th and 10 ICSE board who want to solve questions of section A computer science . This course helps develop an understanding for various types of questions asked in section A. It covers the entire range of questions along with explanation.

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English Language Training

Improve English skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) or any one.

Training for various English language tests:
IELTS (Academic | General), PTE, CELPIP, Duolingo.

Grammar improvement for school going kids or anyone wishing to improve their grammar.

We also have Vocabulary building activities.

English Classes